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Tetra Management Services, LLC is now TMS, LLC

2020 has been a year of change. COVID-19 has created unprecedented structural change to the way businesses across the globe operate. In fact, we’ve found ourselves making some changes as well.

We’ve decided to rebrand under the name TMS. While this isn’t a big change, it does allow us a fresh start as we begin building a brighter future for ourselves and YOU, our trusted clients. We’ve relaunched our website to articulate the value we bring to the marketplace. We’ve changed the domain name/email addresses to reflect our desire to have you

In April, Paul McNeal joined us as CEO. He is a seasoned entrepreneur and has a firm grasp on the Commercial Property Management industry as a result of his former role as our COO. He brings decades of business experience and was instrumental in starting and growing a business which was acquired 18 years later. He previously served on the board of the Loudoun Chamber of Commerce and was the lead for the Loudoun Tech Coalition.

Paul’s experience coupled with the 30+ years of Commercial Real Estate experience of Andy Lauer and the decade of Property Management experience of Elvin Capestany creates a winning leadership team. He also provides coaching and mentoring to young entrepreneurs on the foundations of creating strong organizations that are built to last.

We will launch a monthly newsletter to help keep you informed on key changes/events that may involve your property or the area overall. From inclement weather, construction work, vendor operations, etc - we will keep you up to date.

Lastly, we wanted to share with you some COVID-19 updates and resources:

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